Preksha Sharma

Community Builder

Preksha is a former corporate lawyer who now leads business marketing at a leading Insurtech. As a community builder, terminally online Gen-Z, and an experimental person through and through, she has very strong feelings on reclaiming public spaces. When she moved to Bangalore in 2022, she wanted to visit Cubbon Park more often, read more books and make new friends - so she started Cubbon Book Club with a friend. Sometimes she makes YouTube videos for fun but now that she lives in Delhi, on most weekends you'll find her at different monuments and parks hosting picnics, playing board games with friends, eating sandwiches, or reading fun books.

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Sunday 12 May

Turning Pages Together: Bangalore's Literary Legacy

Panel Discussion

Bangalore, among all things, is known for its passion for reading and literature. Through this panel, we explore how book clubs and reading circles have become integral to the city’s literary landscape. Panellists will shed light on how these literary gatherings challenge the conventional notions of public spaces as mere transitory or leisure spots, instead transforming them into active hubs of community and intellectual engagement.