Vikram Sridhar

Curator Performance Storyteller • Theatre Practitioner

Vikram Sridhar is a Performance Storyteller, Theatre Practitioner, and Narrative-based Facilitator. His stories, performances, and workshops for children, students, adults, and families are rooted in heritage, ecology, and folklore, deeply inspired by various communities of the soil. Based in Chennai and Bangalore, he travels extensively across the country with his Desi way of storytelling.

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sunday 12 May

The Cotton Tales: Travelling Flower [Children's Workshop]

Children's Workshop

Many times we know how and where our food comes from. The same farm that produces our food also produces the cotton that forms the clothes we wear. The interactive Storytelling session by Vikram Sridhar, takes the children on a journey of Cotton, from the flower to the looms and finally to our homes. As the children appreciate the travel and the heritage of cotton, the tales will make them appreciate the power of handloom in today's time and changing climate.

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