Suresh Jayaram

Artist • Art Historian • Curator

Suresh Jayaram is an artist, art historian, arts administrator, and curator from Bangalore. He is the Founder and Director of Visual Art Collective/1.Shanthiroad Studio, an international artist's residency and alternative art space in Bangalore. He is involved in art practice, urban mapping, archiving, curation, and arts education. His keen interest in environmental and urban developmental issues influences his work. Jayaram has worked on the horticultural history of Mysore state and Bangalore city. He edited a book titled "Whatever he Touched he adorned" (2010) on G.H. Krumbiegel and authored "Bangalore's Lalbagh - A Chronicle of the Garden and the City" in 2021, which was awarded by Heritage Beku for Heritage Literature in 2023. He also wrote a regular column on art and culture, "What you see when you see," for Bangalore Mirror. Currently, he is working on a book about Cubbon Park. When not walking in the city's parks and creating curated experiences to enjoy nature and culture, he often visually indulges in working as a multimedia artist with Nature in an urban context.

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Sunday 12 May

Knots, Loops, Tangles: Exploring Bangalore through Textiles

Panel Discussion

Join us in an exploration of Bangalore's vibrant past and present through its textile history through the works of three city-based artists. Our speakers will delve into Tipu Sultan's contributions to the silk industry, the shifts brought by World Wars, and the complex interplay of land, labour, technology, and economy in the industry. Come discover a new side of the city.