TG Shenoy

Writer • Columnist

TG Shenoy is a reader, science fiction and fiction enthusiast and a columnist whose writings have appeared in several publications including Locus Magazine. He is the writer of India’s longest-running weekly SF column, New Worlds Weekly for FactorDaily and the SpecFix column in Bangalore Mirror. He is currently the Creative Director at Publicis Business/Leo Burnett.

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Saturday 11 May

Words Woven in the Dark: Horror in Indian Writing

Panel Discussion

Ghosts, demons and monsters have always been a part of Indian stories. They represent our fears, taboos, insecurities, hidden desires and social inequalities. How has our relationship with these supernatural beings evolved? What role do they continue to play in our stories? This conversation will bring insights from writers who work with supernatural and horror elements to understand what skeletons lie in our collective closets, and whether we should befriend them.