Saad Z Hossain


Saad Z Hossain is a Bangladeshi author writing in English. He lives in Dhaka. His war satire, Escape from Baghdad!, was published in 2015, and included in the Financial Times best books of 2015. It was translated into French, as Bagdad la Grande Evasion. This book was a finalist for the Grand Prix de L'imaginaire 2018. His second book, Djinn City, was released in 2017, also translated into French. His third The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday, was published in 2019 by Tor.com. It was a finalist for the Locus Awards as well as the IGNYTE Awards 2020 by Fiyahcon. His fourth book, Cyber Mage, is out now, published by Unnamed Press in America and ULAB Press in Bangladesh. His fifth book, Kundo Wakes Up, is also out now, published by Tor.com, and is longlisted for the British Science Fiction Awards 2022.

3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

Sunday 12 May

Beyond the Veil: Narrating the South Asian City

Panel Discussion

How have literary depictions of South Asian cities captured the unique cultures, languages and social fabric of this region? In this conversation, writers from diverse backgrounds and literary traditions will explore the significance of the literary city across the South Asian region and its impact on our cultural and political understanding. This session has been planned in collaboration with Himal Southasian.

Join us in person at IIHS or online on Zoom here.