Jeevan Xavier

Entrepreneur • Designer • Artist

Jeevan Xavier is an entrepreneur, designer, and artist based in Bangalore. They are a self-taught and multidisciplinary artist whose subject matter is personal, stemming from encounters with social conflicts. Jeevan takes these conflicts back to the people as pieces of work to trigger conversations. Intrigued by contradictions in behaviour and the dynamics of human interaction, they find inspiration for their practice of Art and Design. Their artistic practice is a means of connecting with society at large. With interests in people and folklore, Jeevan's work reflects their two passions, intertwined with their extensive industrial experience. Currently, Jeevan manages a Textile - Design - Art - Research studio in Bangalore, JLX Studio. Under this eponymous brand, the studio engages in documentation and research in areas of folklore and vernacular culture in Southern India, alongside commercial design projects.

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Sunday 12 May

Knots, Loops, Tangles: Exploring Bangalore through Textiles

Panel Discussion

Join us in an exploration of Bangalore's vibrant past and present through its textile history through the works of three city-based artists. Our speakers will delve into Tipu Sultan's contributions to the silk industry, the shifts brought by World Wars, and the complex interplay of land, labour, technology, and economy in the industry. Come discover a new side of the city.