Jayalaxmi Patil

Actor • Writer 

Actor, poet, novelist, activist Jayalaxmi Patil is a well-known name in Kannada theatre and small screen. With a wealth of experience in plays directed by luminaries such as BV Karant, C Basavalingaiah, and Suresh Anagalli, she has also directed numerous short films and won multiple awards. She penned dialogues for the 2009 Swarna Kamala award-winning movie Putani Party. She has appeared in several Kannada films and serials, including Banada Neralu, Sakutumba Sameta and Bachelor Party. She also composed a song for the Rishabh Shetty directorial Katha Sangama. Her literary contributions include poetry collections Neela Kadalabanu and Haniyodeyutide, a novel Mukku Chikkiya KaaLu, and translated plays such as Vijay Tendulkar's Baby. She has also published Helateva Kela, a collection of writings against gender abuse and writes a column, ‘Horalunota’ for Avadhi magazine. In 2013, she founded 'E Hottige,' a literary organisation presenting awards like E Hottige Katha Prashasti and E Hottige Kavya Prashasti. In 2020, E-Hottige hosted a nine-day online poetry festival during Navratri, which also featured readings from short stories of over 75 Kannada women writers. E Hottige also organises short story, poetry, translation, and theatre workshops. She is also the co-founder of ‘Janadani’ an organisation that raises awareness about sexual abuse. She is a committee member of the Censor Board and the Television Cinema Preview Board.

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Sunday 12 May

Turning Pages Together: Bangalore's Literary Legacy

Panel Discussion

Bangalore, among all things, is known for its passion for reading and literature. Through this panel, we explore how book clubs and reading circles have become integral to the city’s literary landscape. Panellists will shed light on how these literary gatherings challenge the conventional notions of public spaces as mere transitory or leisure spots, instead transforming them into active hubs of community and intellectual engagement.