Heta Pandit

Researcher • Activist • Author

Heta Pandit is an independent researcher, activist and author of eleven books on Goan heritage and its art and culture. She is a Homi Bhabha fellow and co-founder of the Goa Heritage Action Group. Some of her books are Houses of Goa, Hidden Hands: Master Builders of Goa, Grinding Stories: Songs from Goa, and her recent work is ‘Stories from Goan Houses’.

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sunday 12 May

Sea Between the Lines: Stories from Goa

Panel Discussion

Can the sea and its weather provide storms, sunsets and remote locals for sublime and terrifying experiences in the writings from coastal regions? Through this panel, we focus on writings from Goa, oral literatures, stories of families who have helped shape the state, local legends, myths and what it means to be Goan.