A J Thomas

Poet • Editor • Translator •

A J Thomas is an Indian English poet, editor, and translator with more than 20 books to his credit. He has translated works of illustrious Malayalam writers like O N V Kurup, Paul Zacharia and M Mukundan and edited books by U R Anantha Murthy. He served as the editor of the Sahitya Akademi’s journal ‘Indian Literature’ and co-edited the ‘Best of Indian Literature’. He is a recipient of Katha Award, AKMG Prize and Vodafone Crossword Award (2007). He holds a Senior Fellowship from the Department of Culture, Government of India and was an Honorary Fellow, Department of Culture, Government of South Korea. He was a Guest Speaker in several writers’ conferences and readings in South Korea, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Nepal. He has recently edited ‘The Greatest Malayalam Stories Ever Told’, an anthology of 50 short stories, sourced from modern classics of Kerala.

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Saturday 11 May

Discovering the Greatest Stories Ever Told

Panel Discussion

There must be a reason why something is called the Greatest! We speak to AJ Thomas, the editor of ‘The Greatest Malayalam Stories Ever Told’ and Aienla Ozukum, the creative force behind the production of this series by Aleph Book Company, to get some answers, and find the bearings of short story publication in the cultural landscape of this century.

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Sunday 12 May

The ties that bind us: Reading Marquez today

Panel Discussion

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian novelist, short story writer, and journalist, left an indelible mark on world literature with his pioneering work in the style of magical realism. His narratives resonate deeply with readers worldwide as he explores the themes of solitude, cyclical patterns of life, and complexities of human existence. In this conversation, we aim to revisit Marquez's literary canon through the lens of our present-day realities. How do his stories and characters reflect the postcolonial experiences and struggles that continue to shape our world today? How does his style of magical realism serve as a powerful tool for storytelling and social commentary? With the recent publication of Marquez's final work, we have an opportunity to explore how this posthumous addition to his written oeuvre alters our understanding of his artistic vision and legacy. Join us as we explore the man and his craft in the boundless possibilities of storytelling.