Vikas Khatri

Vikas Khatri belongs to Phalodi, Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Associated with The Third Eye as a Digital Educator, Vikas is honing his understanding of and skills in story writing, videography, photography, and audio production. He enjoys reading, writing, interacting with people, and experimenting with new technology.

4:30 PM - 5:45 PM

Sunday 28 May

Feminist Cities and How to Write Them

Panel Discussion

As people interested in feminist ways of learning, The Third Eye put together an entire edition on ideas around the City in 2021. In the process of curating it, we started to ask ourselves—could there be a feminist way of writing about the city? What would it mean in terms of form? Whose voices would be foregrounded? What implication would it have on the process? This panel answers some of these questions through a moderated conversation between writers and creators who are occupying and transforming their respective locations. They have varied relationships—sometimes intimate, sometimes fraught—with the places and spaces they inhabit; their experience promises to offer a new lens for us to look at our own surroundings.