Lubna Duggal

Crocheter • Editor •

Lubna Duggal is a committed crocheter, who strays into knitting hoodies for her niblings now and then. She was introduced to the fibre arts by her grandmother through knitting, but she soon left it behind as she discovered and taught herself crochet, her true love. While her default mode of crochet is Amigurumi, interspersed with periods of obsessive i-cord making, she has more recently come to appreciate the versatility of the granny square and its many variations. She looks to the future with a budding interest in learning how to spin her own yarn. Lubna is also an editor by profession. She is Consultant with the Word Lab at Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), Bengaluru and Associate Editor at Urbanisation, the biannual IIHS journal.