Karthik Venkatesh

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Karthik Venkatesh is an Executive Editor with Penguin Random House India where he commissions and edits fiction and nonfiction. He is also a writer and his articles have been featured in several publications like The Hindu, Mint Lounge, Deccan Herald, The Federal and several other publications. His first book entitled '10 Indian Languages and How They Came to Be', meant for young adults, was published by Duckbill (an imprint of Penguin Random House) in February 2024.

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Friday 10 May

10 Indian Languages and How They Came to Be

Author in Conversation 
Author Karthik Venkatesh will be in conversation with writer and journalist Amandeep Sandhu

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Sunday 12 May

The ties that bind us: Reading Marquez today

Panel Discussion

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian novelist, short story writer, and journalist, left an indelible mark on world literature with his pioneering work in the style of magical realism. His narratives resonate deeply with readers worldwide as he explores the themes of solitude, cyclical patterns of life, and complexities of human existence. In this conversation, we aim to revisit Marquez's literary canon through the lens of our present-day realities. How do his stories and characters reflect the postcolonial experiences and struggles that continue to shape our world today? How does his style of magical realism serve as a powerful tool for storytelling and social commentary? With the recent publication of Marquez's final work, we have an opportunity to explore how this posthumous addition to his written oeuvre alters our understanding of his artistic vision and legacy. Join us as we explore the man and his craft in the boundless possibilities of storytelling.