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Still City

Sayan Bhattacharjee | Madhumoy Satpathy | Mrudula Ravi | Sukrita Baruah | Vilo Awomi


“Still City” is an attempt to scrutinize and reflect upon the act of photographing the street in a city like Bombay. It follows the enquiries of one of the filmmakers, who is the protagonist of the film, who has been thinking about the complexities of the act of ‘street photography’ after attending a paid photowalk in Chor Bazaar. It looks at the way that the street is photographed by different people – the participants in the photowalk, a student who is a photo enthusiast, and two popular Instagrammers who photograph the city in unconventional ways. By looking at their practices and common patterns in street photography, the film enquires into the relationship that photographers have with the streets and people that they photograph, why they choose to photograph certain kinds of areas – particularly lower class localities, and how street photography both mediates and reflects one’s relationship with the city and its streets.

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Sayan Bhattacharjee
Storyteller. Currently pursuing M.A in Media and Cultural Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Former intern at CLIx (Connected Learning Initiative). Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering.

Madhumoy Satpathy
I’m a scriptwriter, lyricist, filmmaker, and a chennapodo lover based in the beautiful city of Bombay. Sometimes I do stand-up for fun. Currently I work as a Research Assistant on OnAir With AIB Season 3

Mrudula Ravi
Pursuing MA in Media and Cultural Studies. Did a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication and Journalism. Interned With National Film Archive of India, Pune. Passion : cinema, photography and travelling.

Sukrita Baruah
Sukrita Baruah is an M.A. student in Media and Cultural Studies at Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Dogs, books and feminist friends make her happy. Very little else does.

Vilo Awomi
Vilo is currently pursuing M.A. in Media and Cultural Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is a native of Nagaland and enjoys photography.