Welcome to the 9th edition of IIHS City Scripts. Through the theme of ‘Text and Tapestry’, we pick at the threads of storytelling within cities. Hear from authors about their latest works, set across coastal cities and Deccan towns. Delve into Bangalore’s rich textile heritage and the delights of horror and detective fiction. Immerse yourself in hands-on workshops, where you can learn the art of spinning yarn and explore the beauty of type and font in South Indian languages. Watch out for a unique storytelling performance, children’s activities and exciting exhibitions. Join us as we explore the city not just as a place, but as a living, breathing entity and uncover the stories that keep it alive.

This Year's Theme: Text and Tapestry

The city (as a noun) is a tapestry: intricate, intertwined and bound together. The city (as a verb) is where old patches and new are sewn together, sometimes seamlessly and sometimes in sharp contrast, warped in time. We can pull at different threads to unravel the tapestry, notice little details and patches that are sewn together, and understand our role as weavers in its stories.

Meet The Speakers (More Coming Soon!)

Yuvan Aves

Aienla Ozukum

A J Thomas

Dev Kamatad

Heta Pandit

K J Satchidananda

Kiran Manral

Meeti Shroff-Shah

Michelle Bambawale

Minakshi Prabhu

Preeti Zachariah

Saharu Nusaiba Kannanari

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